Embrace Pastel Colours In Traditional Dresses

Strike A Balance Of Evergreen Sophistication With Style 

Pastel colours are for every season! But if there's one trend that is catching on and is here to stay, it is flaunting sophistication with style. Look around and you will see that the most extravagant Indian weddings have their brides draped in pretty pastel shades. The bling being balanced out with softer tones of pink, nudes, yellow and beige. 



Pastel colours have been used by artists since the Renaissance and gained popularity over the 18th century. Fast forward to the 21st century, these soft yet fun-evoking shades have made their way to traditional Indian wear while also finding an evergreen spot in the world of fashion.

Turaja, another name for Goddess Durga represents the strength of the feminine. Our Pastel Edit, bringing together Pastel shades and the royal fabric of Chanderi, not just makes you feel beautiful but also is a reminder to every woman draped in the garment of their choice- Beautiful things don't ask for attention, you just own it! 

The rich heritage of India is what makes our culture and tradition so vibrant, our attires being a primary part of the same. Turaja aims to bring together historical heritage with modern contrive in every fabric and design. And as we gear up for the festive season, let's see what's in store for the lovers of dreamy pastel shades! 

Pastel Colours and Chanderi: A Fusion Of Royalty and Elegance

When a fabric as detailed and intricate as Chanderi meets the soft pastel hues, the outcome is a dreamy attire for any occasion. Pastel colours are subtler than primary colours or their counterparts. Not only do they look chique but also make you stand out elegantly.


Chanderi is much more than just a fabric; it represents a journey of craftsmanship and sheer art that has evolved beautifully over the years. From the Vedic period to the modern world, Chanderi can be found throughout history. According to legend, Lord Krishna's cousin Shishupal discovered the fabric. 

Chanderi is one of the most well-known fabrics in India and has been denoted as a symbol of royalty, making it more valuable. The admiration of Chanderi skyrocketed during the Mughal era, becoming one of the most in-demand fabrics by the Queens. 

The name of the fabric has been inspired by the small town of “Chanderi” located in Madhya Pradesh. Silk and golden zari are woven in cotton yarn to create the fabric, resulting in the creation of a shimmering quality. Pure Chanderi fabric is renowned for its exquisite texture, transparency, and outstanding artistic and creative work. The fabric is light-weight, glossy and has a sheer texture. The buttis and motifs on Chanderi are generally hand woven on handlooms using needles. 

Exploring Turaja’s Pastel Edit

Turaja is the source of creative energy. We at Turaja understand the varying needs of dressing up differently and cater to the need for a traditional ensemble for all women. 

Let’s delve into Turaja’s Pastel Edit: Where the subtleties of pastel hues, handmade precision and modern comfort for the fast life come together seamlessly. 

The radiant colour yellow promotes joy and optimism. Colours have a profound effect on the mood and behaviour of the wearer. The Yellow Chanderi Suit Set can be adorned on any occasion. Be it an ethnic day, a day of festivities, or just a casual working day. This suit set comprises a pure Chanderi kurta with armhole princess line and a boat neckline, the pant has applique work along the cuff along with embroidery and mirror highlight, the dupatta has gota lines on all sides along with mirror highlights. 

Another beautiful Pure Chanderi Suit Set in Lemon Yellow has fashion and comfort combined in a whole attire. The vogue boat neckline along with embroidery all over, and sequin highlights will definitely make you stand out in comparison to the primary solid counterpart colours that we find everywhere. The pant is finished by scalloping and has kantha work and sequin touch. The dupatta has all over fagotting along with embroidery and sequin touch along the border. 

Pretty in Pink is not only a statement, but is more of an emotion. The Pink Chanderi Suit Set has been designed to turn heads, with embroidered jaal all along the centre and pintucks along the sides. The kurta has a front placket which is highlighted by mirrors. Embrace your divine femininity with a splash of intricate creativity through this Pink Chanderi Suit Set. 

The Blue Chanderi Suit Set is not just beautifully soothing to the eye in its pastel hue but is also a work to marvel at. With its highly fashionable puff sleeves, and the traditional kantha lines and potli buttons along the length of the kurta, this Suit Set is perfect for the Modern woman who wants to take on the world, one dress at a time. 

Evoke your Inner Goddess with Traditional Dresses not just meant to uplift your looks but also your Divine Feminine Spirit! Don't forget to explore the entire range of Turaja’s latest launch, the Pastel Edit!

Turn Your Dreamy Traditional Attire Into A Pastel Reality

It is not what you say but what you do or the way you do things that makes you stand out. There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to fashion. Make a statement with elegance and be noticed as soon as you walk through the door with our Pastel Edit. 

Not only are these pieces refreshing but will add a whole new rejuvenating touch to your personality. After all, pastel colours are not just subtle but they also add a sense of sublime softness to the wearer. 

What’s more? In addition to exploring our existing collection under the Pastel Edit, you can also get your attire customised! Got a dream Traditional Outfit planned in your head in pastel colours? Get in touch with us and let us help you turn that dream into a solid or rather, a pastel reality!